Like so many women out there, I am a wife, mom, and do-it-all handyman, err- woman. I wanted to create a blog that can help us as women get back to what's really important. It's time to get priorities straight and make life better for ourselves and our families in these troubling times. I plan on having multiple pages to touch on each aspect of our lives- including what others expect of us, as well as the pressure we put on ourselves. I hope my posts will touch someone out there and help her days be sweeter!

Monday, May 15, 2017

She's BACK!

Drum roll, please! .....................(Imagine a smokey stage, pyrotechnics, disco lights, pumped up music, and .....a giant cake?) *popping up through said cake*  Hello!!! It's me. Did you miss me? Did you notice I was gone? No? Well, let's fix that. *climbs out of giant cake wearing a FABULOUS outfit (imagine what you will) and hair/make-up perfectly polished* Let's get back to business. (Imagery fades and reality sets in.)

OK. So what's the deal? Why a 6 year break from blogging? Why start up again? Valid questions. I have valid answers I hope will uplift and inspire those who take the time to follow me in my musings. But first things first.... It feels good to be writing again. Thank you for reading.

Life takes unexpected twists and turns. Some are riveting in suspense and pleasure, while others feel like deep despair and worse than death. I previously had stopped blogging for a couple of reasons: 1. I got accepted into Nursing School (yeah!), and 2. Personal life was circling the drain (booo). It is VERY difficult to stay positive, even faking it, when your life is crumbling around you and stress levels are beyond a 10 on the metaphorical scale.

Just a week after my last posting, my then youngest child almost died. Like, I had to resuscitate him several times and he went into respiratory failure twice at the hospital, landing us in the ICU. No explanation why. That is a feeling I wish on NO parent. He is currently doing OK, with many hospitalizations between then and now due to his complicated case of Cystic Fibrosis.

Since my last post I have failed nursing school at the very end of the program (due to life stresses), got divorced, remarried, had a baby, had to quit my job, gained full custody of my older 3 children, and am desperately trying to figure out how to bring in an income at home while being available for medical urgencies/emergencies that happen more often than I'd like to admit. I know that my choices are what is best for my family, though the here and now is challenging. I also know without a doubt that I am on the right path the Lord would have me on. I have full faith that there are blessing coming that are answers to my many prayers. It will be OK.

While I do not know how often I will be able to write uplifting messages, I can promise that when I do I will give it my all. We all are inundated with negativity and chaos daily. Our minds and spirits need to be refreshed and strengthened through positive events, good news, and relationships with others. I hope that this will be just that for someone other than myself. Let's keep our cups half full. 💗

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