Like so many women out there, I am a wife, mom, and do-it-all handyman, err- woman. I wanted to create a blog that can help us as women get back to what's really important. It's time to get priorities straight and make life better for ourselves and our families in these troubling times. I plan on having multiple pages to touch on each aspect of our lives- including what others expect of us, as well as the pressure we put on ourselves. I hope my posts will touch someone out there and help her days be sweeter!

Who is this Bridgette person, and why is she doing this?

I am by no means perfect or pretend to be. But even so, all my life people have come to me for help and advice with personal problems. God has given me the gift of a listening ear and clarity of mind when troubles arise. I also don't take things personally when someone just needs to vent. I know all too well that sometimes the release we need is to yell, scream and cry. I don't feel these are signs of weakness (as long as it's not done in anger). Personally I feel it's a better way to express frustration than breaking things or punching holes in the walls. But that's just me.

Briefly about me...I have always tried my best to use the talents God has given me in my life (except for the musical ones... I tend to hide those) to help better the lives of others. I get great joy and happiness bringing a smile to someone's face or lightening a burden of one who is heavy laden. I ask to serve others and don't like to be told no. People say that they think my own personal plate in life is full as it is, but I say, "Bring it on!" I have a wonderful friend, Fawn, who gets it and said something awesome to me. "For some of us in life, when our plates get full they just grow bigger."

I have had my fair share (and then some) of trials over the years. I had a hard childhood which made me grow up all too fast (but I am grateful for the lessons it taught me) and have had to acknowledge that things happened to me that are not OK in any way shape or form. But they made me stronger and a fighter for what IS right. God knew just where to place me in life to ready me for my challenges of today.

My ex-husband and I were married just shy of 14 years. Within those 14 years, we housed many friends and relatives for short and long durations, some even multiple times at different occasions. I took care of my adult Autistic brother who lived with us for 2 years. He was able to graduate High School at the age of 20, which was a HUGE deal for us all! I divorced my ex in 2014 and remarried in 2015 to a wonderful man that seems to be almost a polar opposite in temperament. Basically restarting life over again has been a HUGE challenge, but with my husband by my side we have fared through it so far. I have 4 living children with 8 in heaven. One of my sons is also terminally ill. I went to nursing school to learn to take better care of him. I made it to the second to last term of the program before life and school stress just became too much. I was homeless after being driven out of the house from my ex and had to figure out life all over again at the age of 32 with no degree and no place to live. My life was work and my kids, doing everything I humanly could for them.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which is well known for it's service and compassion. I fit right in. It is truly because of my faith in my Heavenly Father and the Savior that I have made it out of my ordeals with a smile still on my face, usually accompanied by a tear or two. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my experiences are for my own good, not only for me to learn and grow but to share and help others who may not be as strong as I am. "My cup is full and runneth over" with love and compassion for my fellow humans, and I am hoping that with this blog I can touch farther than my hands can physically reach. Let us extend out to each other and make this world a better place, one household at a time!