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Friday, August 13, 2010

Muscle Testing

I am so excited about this topic. I have had a previous doctor and my chiropractor use a method called "muscle testing" to see what my body was doing at that particular moment, but the process was never explained to me until recently.

My mom lent me a book called "The Emotion Code" (see the side panel to order your own copy). It gave me so many answers to questions I've had for most of my life about how our mind-body works and how to talk to your subconscious without hypnotism. The book addresses multiple topics about how our energy is used  and how it is affected by negative energy. (Remember- we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and spirits are pure energy!)

Do you know why you are quick to feel a particular negative emotion so strongly when something trivial happens? You may have a trapped emotion stirring your reactions. This book addresses what you can do to fix that. Do you feel you just can't "get over" something traumatic? "The Emotion Code" addresses that, too. Do you have a medical condition that the doctors just can't figure out why it's going on especially when the test results say you're fine? This book tells you how to address your body and ASK YOUR BODY what it needs, what's wrong, and how to fix the problem. Now, this doesn't replace your doctor. It will help them help you better. I suggest finding a doctor that is familiar or at least open to muscle testing so you will get better cooperation from them and not looked at like you're crazy.

The reason I am not going into detail on how to perform muscle testing is quite simple. I am awful at explaining it. I have a few close friends I have shared my new knowledge with and I get so excited about explaining it to them that I fumble over my words and leave out important details thinking they automatically know it too. Even just typing this, I am using the backspace button a lot typing the word ahead of what I am thinking. But I will explain what it is.

What is muscle testing? Muscle testing is when the conscience mind-body connects to the subconscious mind and may ask "yes" or "no" questions. The subconscious mind has access to all universal knowledge, since knowledge is energy, and so are our spirits. That part of us can take the question we ask of it, and in turn it will seek out the answer and give it to us. The key point to remember is that God has given us this ability, as He is the one that created us, and has given us the knowledge to access. We need to be ethical in our questioning, and give thanks to Him and have love and gratitude in our hearts. Without these, the process does not work right.

Now there are several techniques that are used in muscle testing. Self-testing, partner testing, surrogate testing, and proxy testing. The book goes over all these methods and multiple techniques to each method. Each offers a very distinct difference between "yes" and "no" answers.

In the book, Dr. Brad (the author, who is also an LDS Christian) talks about our emotions and how they affect our bodies physically in the long run and not just temporarily as we may think. He introduces what it are called "trapped emotions" and how they magnify our feelings (remember the question earlier on how you are quick to feel so intensely?). There are also things called "heart walls" that our minds create to shield our hearts from being hurt repeatedly. He explains that our bodies, being energy, resonate at a certain frequency. After all, everything around us is energy just vibrating at different frequencies to make them appear as they do to us in our realm. (All you science and physics folks out there can appreciate this, and know it's true.) Negative thoughts and emotions resonate at a different frequency and is not harmonious to our bodies. When our subconscious does not process these emotions correctly, they can become trapped in our bodies, literally. Ever hear the term "emotional baggage"? It's truer than you'd think. These trapped emotions get lodged wherever they want to, and can reek havoc on your health. He takes account of patients of his who have had cancer, tennis elbow, migraines, night terrors, and more who have been freed from their ailments after their trapped emotions that were CAUSING these things were released, never to return again. It truly is one of God's healing miracles that He has allowed us to understand how it works. This even works on animals!

Now I'm sure some of you think, "Yeah, right. This is all hooey and witch craft." But I assure you, it's not. Anyone who knows me personally would know that I would NEVER endorse anything ungodly or even questionable. I am a believer in this knowledge and am very excited to be using it to help myself and my loved ones feel better mentally and physically.

If you would like to learn more about this book before purchasing it, here is more information about the program, or you can visit

Happy healing, and fill that cup!

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