Like so many women out there, I am a wife, mom, and do-it-all handyman, err- woman. I wanted to create a blog that can help us as women get back to what's really important. It's time to get priorities straight and make life better for ourselves and our families in these troubling times. I plan on having multiple pages to touch on each aspect of our lives- including what others expect of us, as well as the pressure we put on ourselves. I hope my posts will touch someone out there and help her days be sweeter!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Why does cleaning take so long?

I had a so-so productive day yesterday. I had the kids off at my awesome friend's house where they got to spend the night. I decided to start cleaning with my daughter's room, which is at the far end of the hallway upstairs.

The plan was to go in a wave from one end of the house to the other, top to bottom. Well, I never got past her room. I was shocked at how much graffiti a 5 year old can make on the walls and furniture. I went through 6 Magic Erasers and needed more, but ran out. The washcloth just wasn't cutting it. I found rotten apple cores, a broken night light, clothes that disappeared last school year, hidden barf stains, and gum in the carpet. I didn't think her room was that bad by just glancing in from the doorway. Boy, looks were deceiving! The shampooer was pulled out and used for about 2 hours.

Today's agenda was to shampoo the whole house after being cleaned yesterday. Yeah, it didn't happen. I did deep cleaning about 2 months ago, and thought it would go quickly like it did last time. My family must have been on dirt overload this summer! I will be so happy when school starts up again and the house can stay cleaner. Instead of shampooing today, I've been washing walls and folding laundry. After washing the walls for over 2 1/2 hours today and not even finishing the upstairs, I gave up and took a break. I guess I should get back to it. Now, where do I get a genie to do it for me? There's gotta be one somewhere...

I'm going to get it done this week. I just have to. I will feel so much better in a newly cleaned house, and function better. I would love to get back to my crafts. Well, off to chores again. Let's go fill our cups.

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