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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get Out In the Sun

So this comes from many different sources in my life. Some think it's hokey, but I say it totally makes sense. You decide for yourself.

Is sunscreen bad for you? Some researchers say, "Yes." There have been studies linked with sunscreen and their ingredients causing cancer. It is said that particular ingredients found in most sunscreen actually speed up the naturally occurring cancer cells in your body so they manifest themselves early or even awaken them if dormant. (check out the link, and read about the importance of Vitamin D and sunscreen- references are at the bottom of the article)Yes, everyone has cancer cells. Not everyone has the genetic disposition for them to awaken and become dominate. So, don't let that statement scare you, please. But unnatural circumstances can cause them to reek havoc.

Vitamin D is another topic that needs to be acknowledged. Most Americans are deficient, including myself. Going out in the sun (with out sunblock!) is the natural way our body makes this vital nutrient. Vitamin D cannot be stored, so we need a continuing supply to replenish ourselves. There are some foods and supplements that offer fortified Vitamin D. These help, but are not the most effective. I also learned from my doctor recently that in the medical field they are discovering that 10-15 minutes a day in direct sunlight is all you need, as long as you don't have sunblock on, and have your trunk exposed. Arms and legs go not have enough surface area, nor do they have internal organs to utilize the solar power. When your chest, stomach, and back are exposed do direct sunlight your body can quickly and efficiently make enough Vitamin D needed to get you through.

Spending time outdoors is a great way to fight depression, get your vitamins, and give thanks to the Lord for all the beauty He has given us. Get in touch with nature, and fill your cup! 

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  1. Many of the Chemicals in Sunblock are actually illegal in Europe. There was a great show on discovery about this lately. Personally I am highly allergic to Sunblock. It actually speeds up the burns almost immediately. I get third degree blisters with in 10 minutes. That is not natural.