Like so many women out there, I am a wife, mom, and do-it-all handyman, err- woman. I wanted to create a blog that can help us as women get back to what's really important. It's time to get priorities straight and make life better for ourselves and our families in these troubling times. I plan on having multiple pages to touch on each aspect of our lives- including what others expect of us, as well as the pressure we put on ourselves. I hope my posts will touch someone out there and help her days be sweeter!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learning To Share... Again

So my posts have been infrequent this last week and a half because the nifty little notebook I do all my online stuff with has been confiscated by my husband. His computer is choking to death because the hard drive is full to the brim and has now decided it doesn't want to connect to the internet anymore. So thus, I get to share, reluctantly.

I got to thinking: we tell our kids all the time to share, and even at times take away their stuff and give it to the other kid/sibling so they are forced to share. Hmm, I'm getting a taste of my own medicine. As adults we do share our things quite a bit. Right now our post hole digger is being lent out, I'm borrowing movies from my mom, she's using my brother's car, a friend of mine is borrowing movies and a book from my mom...on and on. But rarely are we forced to share. We borrow and barter as needed. It makes me think of yet another conversation my mom and I had this last week (She's good for getting topics from...thanks, Mom!).

We talked about the Law of Consecration. Life will be grand when we are righteous enough to live this law to its full aspects. We give all we have to the Lord; possessions, time, talents. In return, everyone is given back material goods sufficient for their needs and wants (within reason). It's the Lord's way of doing the adversary's "socialism." Sharing is not forced, we will all be willing and eager to help our fellow man (or woman). There will be no, "Mine, mine, mine!" like I hear from my fighting children. My mom was so cute, she said she would ask if she could keep her sleep number bed because it's the only bed she found that doesn't hurt her back. I reminded her that you get what you need, and if that was what she needed, then yes. Also, when it comes time to live that law, resurrections will be nigh at hand. Her aching back and sleep will no longer be an issue. Wouldn't that be great! All of us who jokingly ask where to buy a new body will get one:) Well, not new, but renewed.

It makes me happy to know that we are coming so close to the time of our Lord's second coming, yet apprehensive because I know I still have so much more work and learning to do. I hope that when that day comes, my cup will be full with all the good things I strive to do, and that you, my fellow sisters will be at my side with cups running over! So let's get to work:)

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