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Friday, July 23, 2010

Vitamin D Update!

We are still having computer issues, but for tonight, it seems to be cooperating.

I wanted to post some more info on Vitamin D that I knew was stored somewhere in my brain, and my mom found it. Thanks!

Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin. It is a natural steroid that helps regulate hormones. Your body CANNOT store it. It also takes a couple days to process through your system. So for all you out there who religiously shower and scrub with soap daily, listen up. Vitamin D actually sits on your skin's surface when you are out in the UV rays. (Which are good for you! Just not in excess.) It takes 48-72 hours from exposure for your body to process it. When you take a shower and use soap, you are literally washing it down the drain. Just use soap on the stinky and truly dirty parts of your body, and rinse with water on the other parts. This preserves the natural oils in your skin so they can do their jobs properly and get that D where it needs to go.

Also, your eyes are the main benefactor for processing Vit. D if you allow them. Your retina can amazingly produce up to 90% of needed Vitamin D if you have UNFILTERED exposure. This means no glasses or contacts. Exposure can be indirect (meaning eyes closed). If you cannot be outside without glasses or contacts (like me- I'm legally blind) then get that trunk exposed and don't wash it with soap!

Getting adequate Vitamin D greatly increases your health both physically and emotionally. Because it aids in regulating hormones, which play such a big role in our lives, we all need to make sure we are getting enough. Ladies, it helps with regulating your period, lessening your symptoms from it, and can even help shorten it if you suffer from long, heavy menses. Guys, it helps with prostate health and testosterone levels.

Let's all get out in the sun this summer and literally "soak it in" so we can fill our cups!

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